What flavor of markdown do you support?

We accept markdown following the CommonMark specification with a few extensions. In a nutshell:

  • Use *italic* for italic text
  • Use **bold** for bold text
  • Use ==highlight== to highlight text
  • Use # heading for a heading (add more #'s to change the heading level)
  • Use [Link](https://supportpage.io) to hyperlink text.
  • Use ![Image](https://supportpage.io/logo) to add an image
  • Use > Blockquote for quoting text.
  • You can start lists using * List (- lists are supported too)
  • You can start numbered lists using 1. List (1) is supported too)
  • Insert a horizontal rule using ---
  • Inline code is added using backticks, code blocks are started and ended with three backticks.



Adding tables is supported via the following syntax:

| Foo | Bar |
| A. | B. |
Foo Bar
A. B.

Notes, Warnings and Tips

You can add notes, warnings and tips via a ::: block:

This is a tip

Contact us

We are happy to help you with further questions at support@supportpage.net.